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Delivery methods

Post delivery(Finland)

To the postal office near you. Price 0€.

Postal automat

Select Postal automat near you from a list and get SMS with opening code when parcel is ready. Price 0€.

Post home delivery(Finland)

Postal service calls you and asks whed do you want the order delivered (deliveries workdays until 9pm). Price oif the service 10€ (in orders over 200€ free selibvery).

Get the parcel from Moda Aukia Tampere store

Get the parcel from our store at Tampere Koskikeskus shopping mall.

Consumer Parcel (Sweden and Estonia)

Parcel is delivered to a postal office near you or the local grocery stores post-corner. Delivery time Sweden 2-4 workdays, Estonia 4-6 workdays. Price 0€. Returns 0€.

Post Priority parcel to EU-area.

Delivery to your local post or homedoor (varies by country) inside EU area. Price 10€. Free delivery for orders over 200€. Customer pays for possible returns.

EMS-global express

A fast way to deliver parcels almost anywhere in the world. Price 20€.