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Data Protection at Aukia.fi Online Store and Aukia Stores

The Aukia.fi webshop and Aukia stores respect the privacy of their customers.

The Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which entered into force in the European Union in spring 2018, has improved the consumer's rights to manage his / her own personal data.

As a customer of Aukia.fi, an affiliate of our mailing list or as a MODA loyal customer you can at any time request a summary of what information you have stored on our system. You may also request that you correct any information you have stored or request to completely remove your personal information as far as is legally possible.

Check out the Aukia.fi Privacy Statement.


We adhere to the Aukia.fi webshop and our other websites with a well-defined cookie policy. You can find out about it here.

Aukia's Fashion Card Client Privacy Statement

For Moda chain loyal customers, we follow the Moda chain's privacy policy.

We deal with customer information carefully and our loyal customer system has been upgraded to the new Privacy Policy in May 2018. Take a look at Moda's extensive security report here.