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In this cookie policy, we will tell you how the Scandinavian Fashion Store Online Store (company: Timo Aukia Oy) use different identification techniques (collectively called “cookies”) on their websites and how the user can control Cookies by either accepting or rejecting cookies from this site when prompted during first visit. 

Cookies, Pixel Tags and IP-addresses

Cookies are small, string-formatted files that are placed on a computer or other device by a web server when using a website. Cookies are saved when browsing the computer. They are important to ensure the smooth running of sites. If you do not want continue to accept cookie from our website, you can do so. Adjust your browser settings so that cookies are not accepted, remove cookies already set by this web site, or alternatively remove the cookies set by this website on your hard drive and not reuse this website. If a user continues to use this website so that the browser settings allow cookies to be placed on a computer or device, the use and browsing of websites is interpreted so that the user accepts cookies as described in this cookie policy. The websites of Timo Aukia Oy may use different cookies, especially for the following purposes: – Streamlining  your browsing  so that you do not have to log in again between sessions. In this case, the cookie stores the authentication in encrypted format. – Save the choices. For example, we store the choices made by the user, user preferences, and products of interest, so that user  do not have to re-submit the same information when our website is used later. We may also store information about the location or products that have been added to the shopping cart. – Select and display user-targeted ads and recommendations. As you see our targeted online ads on our products, we can prevent multiple ads from showing the same ads and only show ads and notifications that may interest the user. For this purpose, we can collect information about pages and content that the user has used or viewed from a computer or device. – Promotion of sales of our products on websites or in selected Aukia companies on third party sites. Cookies, which are used to promote the sale of our products in their own website or in selected third-party sites, are usually a third-party vendor managed advertising cookies. – Collect ecommerce analysis data and improve our websites and services. We analyze the reception of our discount and promotional campaigns, how consumers reach our websites, and how we can best personalize the content of our websites. Cookies allow us to collect information about how many visitors, how our websites are used, and how our websites work. User can block cookies by editing the browser or accepting cookies first and then removing them later from the computer if the browser allows. Please note that disabling cookies may prevent some of the parts of our websites being used. Aukia webpages can also use pixel tags. Pixel tags are electronic images placed on a web site, help improve services. Pixel tags collect information, for example, the use of a user’s IP address. To disable bitmap tags, disable cookies in the before mentioned way. IP address indicates the geographical area of the public Internet address and address of the user’s network location. Aukia companies can use IP addresses to identify the user and improve customer service for excample providing delivery methods based on location of IP address. Data may be disclosed to a limited extent to a third party when this is for example needed to verify payments. If you still have questions about our cookie policy, you can contact our customer service: