Delivery Methods

Selected EU-countries

Consumer parcel (Slow & Cheap)

Available in these following countries:

  • Finland
  • Estonia 
  • Latvia 
  • Lithuania
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Chezh Republic
  • Bulgaria
  • Luxembourg
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Slovenia
  • Hungary

Delivery to your local post,home door (varies by country) or in Sweden and Denmark to parcel automat.

Follow you order with tracking code delivered when your order is sent.

Delivery time Finland 5 working days, shipping free, returns 4,95€
Rest of Northern-Europe 6- 7 days, shipping 10€, returns 9,95€
Central Europe about 7, shipping 15€, returns 9,95€
Southern Europe 7-8 days., shipping 15€, returns 9,95€

Returns only with a separate return post label attached in the delivery.

All countries of European Union

Except, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Romania and Slovakia due to local regulations.

DHL Express EU parcel service (Fast & Global)

A fast and reliable way to deliver parcels fast almost anywhere in the EU.

Follow you order with tracking code delivered when your order is sent.

Customer is responsible for possible local customs fees and taxes.

Delivery time 4-10 days. Local customs handling might affect the time.

Price starting from 20€. Target country and service level selected by customer can affect prize. The real price for delivery is always shown before checkout.

Possible returns have to be paid by customer. We will provide cost estimate and  DHL return label by request. Return fee (same price than original parcel + possible customs fees if product is returned from outside European Union) will be deducted when returning money for returned product.

For returns from outside European union products are alredy customs cleared outside EU which might lead that returning products back might not be possible at reasonable price. Always ask estimate before returning the product.