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Data protection

The Scandinavian Fashion Store webshop and Aukia stores respect the privacy of their customers.

The Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which entered into force in the European Union in spring 2018, has improved the consumer’s rights to manage his / her own personal data.

As a customer of Scandinavian Fashion Store and Aukia Group, an affiliate of our mailing list or as a MODA loyal customer you can at any time request a summary of what information you have stored on our system.

You may also request that you correct any information you have stored or request to completely remove your personal information as far as is legally possible.

Check out the Privacy Statement.


We adhere to the Scandinavian Fashion Store webshop and our other websites with a well-defined cookie policy.

You can find out about it here.

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Client Privacy StatementFor Moda chain loyal customers, we follow the Moda chain’s privacy policy.We deal with customer information carefully and our loyal customer system has been upgraded to the new Privacy Policy in May 2018.

Take a look at Moda’s extensive security report here.


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Company name: Timo Aukia Oy

Business ID: 1548558-1

Corporate address: Kalevankatu 6-8 60100 Seinäjoki, Finland, EU

Phone: +35864291000

E-mail address:

Scandinavian Fashion Store web store has been in operation since 2019.

Aukia companies respect the privacy of their customers, and do not send adverts to our customers,unless they themselves want to receive them.

We handle customer information carefully and our e-commerce system with additional services has been updated in April-May 2018 to the new EU Privacy Policy (GDPR).

A registered customer in Scandinavian Fashion Store webstore has registered while ordering products,  making request to our mailing list or joining a competition giving a permission to use their contact information in marketing.

In addition to webstore customer register, Aukia has a Moda Card loyalty system, which is managed jointly with Texmoda Fashion Group Co-operative. For this system, refer to separate pages in the respective Data Protection Privacy Statement page.

Purpose of the customer register of Scandinavian Fashion Store webstore is to communicate with customers, to archive and manage purchases, to provide the benefits of purchasing history, to personalize customer experience and to target marketing.

The register is also used for example for tracking lost parcels. Information can be used for the development of Aukia’s operations and for statistical purposes.

Personal data will be processed within the legal limits permitted and required by the Personal Data Act.

Data processing protocol

We only transfer customer data to our selected partners and only to other third parties in certain necessary circumstances.Information in the register will not be disclosed to third parties, except for selected partners and, in certain necessary cases, to third parties. Access to the registry requires user rights under the Aukia Corporation Security Policy.

Registry is located on a password-protected server.

Customer chooses himself at the accession stage if he or she wants to receive personal benefits and offers by e-mail, letter or mobile. The customer may choose nothing of these options or he or she can choose the most suitable alternatives for themselves. Your consent for sending a message can also be canceled through a link in connection with each message or by sending a cancellation message to the online store customer service.

Customer’s rights to own information

A Registered Customer has the right at any time to check free of charge any information stored on him / her in the Register, claim to change his / her data and / or prescribe information completely removed from the register. An inquiry request can be made in writing customer service or the controller by a personally signed free-form request. The customer is provided with the information requested by electronic means.The delivery of the information requested by the customer usually takes a few working days – in any case up to one month.

The customer register information is only processed by persons whose job description the processing of register data belongs. All information will be kept behind usernames and passwords on secure servers.

Ending  customer relationship

At any time, the customer can decide on their e-commerce customer relationship by reporting it to the store (by email, personally or by phone) or to leave the mailing list by clicking the cancel link in the message.Customer’s personal information is deleted from the system when the customer has notified deciding to have a customer relationship or otherwise expressing in writing their desire to remove the data.Customer information is kept in the archive (information is required separately). The information is kept up to the time required by the Accounting Act.

Persons in charge

Privacy matters official at Scandinavian Fashion Store is Mr Timo Aukia.

Moda Card loyality program data protection is managed together with Texmoda Fashion Group Cooperative.

We will be happy to tell you more about handling your personal information.

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APPENDIX Designated Privacy Statement 16.5.2018 (in Finnish)

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