Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Scandinavian Fashion Store by Aukia

Scandinavian Fashion Store


The Customer undertakes to order with these terms and conditions.


Products are ordered on the online store’s website by putting them in the shopping cart and paying the shopping carts content in the cashier service. All customer information is treated confidentially. The contact information requested in connection with the order is not to be anything other than to deliver the order and sending occasional newsletters via e-mail (newsletters can also be denied). When you order from the online store, it assumes that you are familiar with and committed yourself to the supply conditions in force at each point in time.

All our prices include 24% VAT, unless product is delivered outside European Union.


Web store payment processing is handled by Avarda.. The company’s business is subject to the Financial Supervisory Authority (FI) supervision. All data and money transactions are SSL protected, so no one can see your information. It does not require registration or payment of additional fees for using the service.

Your payment will be immediately recorded as paid to the dealer and you receive via email a payment confirmation message.

Payment can also be made using PayPal payment system with PayPal-payment or most common credit cards.

Once your order has been successfully completed you will receive order confirmation via email. For confirmation messages to be sent, you must provide your email address when ordering.

Avarda payment terms and conditions (in Finnish) >

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You see the shipping costs for your order after you have selected payment and delivery methods. We deliver orders as parcels or non-registered mail.  Use the item code received by e-mail when the parcel is shipped to track your parcel.

Your order’s delivery time is determined according to the delivery times of products and the payment and delivery method chosen. In general, we start processing a request on the second or third business day after the order is received. Delivery times depend on the delivery location. In Finland delivery takes about 5 working days, other EU about 6-7 days. Global deliveries are made in 1-2 weeks. Local customs handling might prolong deliveries to outside EU.

The product-specific delivery times for Finland are shown on the product card for each product. The terms of payment and delivery methods shown via links from this site operated from points of delivery and payment. The quoted delivery times are estimates of delivery times and they are not binding on the seller. Scandinavian Fashion Store / Timo Aukia Oy shall not be liable for damages and / or additional costs caused by the customer, if delivery is delayed.

We are not responsible for delays caused by insurmountable obstacles or indirect inconvenience caused by the delays. Information on adverse delivery times given on the online store front.

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You have under the Finnish Consumer Protection Act, right for a 14 day exchange and of withdrawal period of your purchases. Time is counted from the time the item is received. Products returned must be with the price tags attached and sold high. Otherwise, we charge € 25.00 for unjustified return or return the product to customer. When these conditions are met, you may obtain a refund, unless he / she does not wish to exchange the product. If you have used the product we value returned product according to sales in our outlet and between 0-30% of the purchase price may be  returned.

Return cost in Finland is 4,95€ and most other EU countrie 9,95€ for SLOW delivery method. From other countries, customer has to pay for returns (usually price of original parcel) plus any additional customs fee. Please always ask us for estimate of return costs if returning products from outside European Union as this migh not be possible at reasonable price.

Return cost fir DHL delivery method is always the same than original delivery cost plus any customs fees if product is returned from outside EU.

In Finland, the return by mail to the address ASIAKASPALAUTUKSET AUKIA.FI Rewell Center 134 65100 Vaasa, Finland, EU. From other countries  you have received a return postage sticker with your parcel.

If a product has been damaged during shipment,please contact our customer service asiakaspalautukset@aukia.fi. We are not responsible for the damages caused by the customer a product that probed during transport.

We do not allow unilateral withdrawal of products manufactured or modified on the wishes of the customer. In connection with the cancellation of an order will be charged the expenses to be possibly caused by the order in full by the buyer.

In addition to the normal of withdrawal gives satisfaction guarantee you the option to cancel and return the product within the specified control time before your money is transferred from the payment service to the web merchant. You can avail satisfaction warranty features on the site, e-buyer services, which is linked to payment confirmation.

If you wish to return or exchange products after checking the time, always get in touch directly with Aukia.fi customer service. When you return a delivered order, attach the additional information referred to in paragraph 10.3 for the smooth processing of the return.

You can also exchange products in all Moda Aukia stores (Kokkola, Vaasa, Seinäjoki). Since the product selection in stores and our online store is different from each other, it is possible that a change does not succeed immediately. Then there’s always a case by case particularly agree with the customer on delivery of the replacement product.
Return of faulty product

We are responsible for any errors in our products. In addition, the products have a separate warranty issued by the manufacturer, in which general warranty conditions apply.

Before returning a defective product, you must contact our customer service either by e-mail (verkkokauppa@aukia.fi) or phone +3586-4333577.

Orders placed with other payment methods, we credit the account indicated by the customer as soon as possible after we have received and checked the return.

Because customer returns are delivered to us clearly slower, it can go up to over two weeks before entry is visible on the account.

Along with products that are returned, it is good to attach the following information on the return:

-Customer Information: name, address and telephone number

-Your Account number for a refund or an indication of whether you wish to exchange the product for a new one.

-Order number, Are both on the receipt that the order confirmation sent by e-mail.

By giving us the most accurate information as possible to assist us in processing the return and speeds up the handling of the case.

We do not accept returns sent COD.

Our address for returns outside Finland is: 
KAri Aukia Oy / Scandinavian Fashion Store
Rewell Center 134 65100

We reserve liability as stated in liability notice at our webpage-footer. 

We also reserve the right to change prices and conditions. 


If you have any problems ordering, paying or deliveries. Please contact our customer service verkkokauppa@aukia.fi

If an item has been lost or been damaged during shipment or does not otherwise respond to your order, you should notify of the error within 14. If the package has been damaged in the mail, the complaint must be made immediately to the post-office.