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Peak Performance sporty clothes for men and women

Buy original Peak Performance clothes online without a fuss. Our collection has the new styles in all categories. We deliver globally.

Leisure wear for everyday use

One day in 1986, three talented skiers got together to discuss a few things that they had been thinking about, based on their own experiences. Firstly, why was no one making clothes that they wanted to wear? Clothes that combined excellent functionality with simple, cool design; not flashy, but still not boring. Secondly, was there any way that they could stay longer and more often in the ski resort they all loved – the little mountain village of Åre in the heart of the Swedish mountains?

It turned out that the answer to both questions was original Peak Performance clothing.

Three decades since Peak Performance start, the brand has expanded into a number of activities. Golf, skiing, training, running and a casual line strongly connected to our ski resort roots.

Best way to describe Peak Performance is: clothing created for everyday use in the urban environment. The collection consists of sweters, hoodies, t-shirt, joggers and pants. And of course, the functional coats to be worn wheater you are at mountains or city.