Clothes recycling

During the last few years many of us have started paying more attention to our carbon footprint and sustainability of our lifestyle. And no wonder: we have only one planet and it’s beautiful nature, which is worth taking care of. It is in all of ours best interest that we have a vital and safe environment where to express ourselves and do the things we love.

But how about when your favourite piece of clothing starts to wear off? Or there’s a nasty, persistent stain on that white blouse of yours? Sometimes otherwise usable garment can become too small or doesn’t match your style anymore.

Clothes recycling can cause a little headache to most of us, but fortunately it’s not really that complicated. If you’d like to minimize the carbon footprint of your clothes, keep reading – we’ll tell how to recycle your clothes with respect to the environment!

Fix up

Even though a lot is better these days than before, sometimes it’s good to take example from our grandparents, who extended the mileage of their clothing by years with fixing their old clothes over and over again.

For example, a loose button is quickly stitched back in place and there are many aids to patch a hole. Small holes can be easily closed with just a bit of thread and a needle. Bigger holes can be patched with sewable or gluable patches that are found in many different colours and styles. Neatly sewed patch can also brighten and reform the look and an old piece of clothing!

If your old clothes feel a bit boring, you can make them good as new by pimping them up a little! Old jeans turn easily to trendy jeans shorts and long-sleeved shirts transform to t-shirts or tops with the help of just a pair of scissors. 


If your garment is no longer usable, you can always re-use the fabric for other purposes.

With a little effort you can for example sew purses or pillow cases out of old clothes. A beautiful pattern also turns into an unique piece of art by framing the fabric.

You can also easily cut old clothes to cleaning rags that are easy to throw into the washing machine and re-use. Especially cotton works well as a rag. An old fleece coat in the other hand can be used like a microfiber cloth for dusting.

Sell or donate

If the piece of clothing is neat and intact, you can sell or donate it. There are many different channels for selling old clothes, such as mobile apps, internet platforms and second hand stores.

By donating clothes you’ll get rid of your old garments and do some good at the same time. Various charities receive old clothes that are usually either sold for financing the charity work or donated to people in need. If the piece of clothing isn’t vendible, it can also be recycled for the car industry use or as insulations etc.

Also animal shelters receive textiles. Sales profits of good quality clothing goes to finance animal protection and for example old towels or sheets are used for the animals.

Energy waste

If the garment is torn apart, dirty, wet or moldy, it belongs to waste. Also used underwear isn’t recyclable. In Finland energy waste is burned and transformed into energy. 

It’s a general misconception that throwing clothes into garbage is the worst possible choice – but sometimes it’s the only choice for an old garment. Transporting and handling an old, useless piece of clothing consumes unnecessary resources, when the final destination is any case the same. 

High-quality and durable clothes are the best possible environmental act

We at Scandinavian Fashion Store represent only well-know, high-quality brand’s clothes and accessories. Many of our brands nowadays invest in sustainable fashion: explore for example Makia’s or Knowledge Cotton Apparell’s responsibly produced treasures, that are mostly made of recycled materials. 

Sometimes a high-quality piece of clothing might cost more than a similar product from another brand. High-quality and durable clothes are however the best possible environmental act: the longer the duration of a garment is, the smaller its carbon footprint is.

High-quality clothing also pays itself back quickly, when for example you don’t have to buy a new sweater to replace a withered one: a high-quality sweater will keep you warm year after year looking like new.

We also pursue to offer very specific product information for all of our products and a clear size guide to help you to find easily perfectly fitting products that will give you joy for a long time.

However, if the piece of clothing doesn’t fit you after all, you’ll always have a 14 day exchange and return right. We offer free exchanges and returns in Finland and chosen EU countries. 

Explore our collection and complete your wardrobe with time enduring classics and new favourites matching your personal style!