Dress code: Smart Casual

What is smart casual?

Smart casual is a casual yet elegant dress code, combining elements of official attire with those of informal and more relaxed garments. It can also be referred as “comfortable and functional style with a touch of chic”. This dress code appeared in the 20th century and became extremely popular in the cities among both men and women.

In smart casual, it’s important to find a balance between official and unofficial dress code as the boundary between smart casual and business casual can seem vague. Business casual style is supposed to provide a professional and business-like look but is not as formal as conservative business clothing. Meanwhile smart casual style is neat and polished yet informal.

Smart casual for women


  • Neat t-shirts, blouses and knits
  • Cardigans, vests and blazers 
  • Knee-high dresses and skirts
  • Dark jeans or other neat but relaxed trousers, such as culottes
  • Heels, flats and oxford shoes


  • Too short hems
  • Sandals or sneakers
  • College or other casual materials

Smart casual for men


  • Neat t-shirts, shirts and knits
  • Cardigans and blazers 
  • Dark jeans or other neat but relaxed trousers, such as chinos
  • Loafers, oxford shoes, boots or neat sneakers
  • Tie or ribbon optional


  • Sandals or training shoes
  • College or other casual materials

Which occasions smart casual suits for?

Smart casual is suitable for many different occasions where an elegant look is a plus – from everyday work life to parties, celebrations, dates, and social gatherings. But it’s still an ideal outfit for the office as modern business people tend to avoid strict classics and prefer to choose more practical and convenient attire that allows them to feel maximum comfort and yet look tidy.

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