Looking for a warm winter coat?

Canada Goose

Temperatures are sinking below zero. It’s time to change your mid-season coat to warmer one. When assisting customers we often hear questions “Is this coat really warm?” Warmest coats have down insulation. Down is natural insulation: organic and ecological. Down is a fantastic insulator as the loft (or fluffiness) of down creates thousands of tiny air […]

Washing Instruction Symbols for Clothes

Most of us usually cut off the tag with washing instruction symbols for clothes, because it might for example tickle or look ugly on a scarf. Only a few, however, memorise the correct washing instructions, and many treat their clothes carelessly – which will later show in colours fading, stretching or shrinking. Washing instruction tag […]

Layer up

Gant layers

Mild winter weather calls for layered dressing.  Secret in layering up lies on materials and versatile pieces which are easy to combine into good looking and practical outfit.  Knit is absolutely best piece for layering up. Wool is warmest of all materials. Thin merino wool is great for all seasons, thicker lambswool perfect for colder season.  Organic […]